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10 Most Asked Questions about Reiki

1) What is Reiki?

Rei- Spiritual wisdom or God

Ki- the life force energy

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique thousands of years old, where the hands of the healer are placed directly on or slightly above the client. It is thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered in the 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui a Japanese Buddhist.

2) How does Reiki work?

Rei- Spiritual wisdom or God and Ki- the life force energy, combined to form Reiki is utilizing spiritual energy or God energy or Love energy (whatever you wish to call it) and transcends this energy into your body, your life force energy, to help heal any dis-ease you might be experiencing, by gently realigning your chakras or energy points. This is done in a very gentle and relaxing way by the hands being placed on or above each point. The hands become very warm and sends any tension away, leaving you feeling at peace. Once these energy points are working together in harmony, your body can function the way it was intended to, bringing you into full health.

3) Is Reiki like a massage?

No, Reiki is not like a massage, but the practitioner does use a table like a massage therapist would. Where a massage therapist works to release tension in the muscles, a Reiki practioner uses Reiki to help your body heal itself by working energy points, or chakras to flow properly and this helps your body to be in balance. A balanced body is a healthy body.

4) Can anyone receive Reiki?

Yes, anyone can receive Reiki! Because Reiki is "life force energy" and everything has that energy, it can be used on people from young to old. Pregnant woman love getting Reiki and their unborn child also receives it as well, kind of a two for one. Animals and plants benefit greatly from Reiki and take to it very quickly since they are so intune. I enjoy using it on my food especially if I am eating out, or after I go grocery shopping. It is such a part of my life, I use it all day long.

5) What kind of pain does it work on?

Reiki works on any and all dis-ease. There are 4 different levels of Reiki. Reiki l practitioners work on physical pain, while Reiki ll practitioners work on physical and mental pain. Levels lll and lV are the Master levels.

Tension and stress are what effect most people on a daily basis and Reiki heals these immediately and easlily. Clients have expressed a sense of well being, joy, peace and love after a session and the best nights sleep they have had in years. Cancer patients and especially after radiation or chemotherapy, have great results and have said it eased their side effects from the treatments. Woman with menapause, people with ADHD, broken bones, migraines, colds, EVERYTHING!

6) Are you doing the healing and doesn't that drain you?

No, it does not drain me. I like to consider myself as a sort of conduit or covert for the Reiki energy. Reiki comes from God/universe/father creator or whatever you like to call it or believe in and flows through me into my client. So we both are getting Reiki at the same time. I make sure the Reiki goes where it is needed most. It is a perfect balanced flow and I don't feel drained after a session because I am not using my personal energy for the healing.

7) Where is Reiki done?

Reiki can be done anywhere, but I prefer a sacred, quiet space for my clients to feel comfortable, safe and secure. Either in my home office or at their home, but with the convenience of having my hands always with me, I can do Reiki anywhere. Reiki ll practitioners can also do distance healing, which is amazing since I have clients all over the US and also some in Italy. It doesn't matter how far away you are, the Reiki energy can be sent to you.

8) How long does a session take?

Reiki sessions usely take a hour to a hour and 15 minutes for a full session. In a full session all the Chakra or energy points are worked on, but with some children or elderly people they can't sit that long so a 20 minute session is suitable for those kind of situations. I like to call these mini sessions and they are a great way to introduce Reiki to someone who has never experienced it before. Animals can take even less time then 20 minutes because they are so receptive to the Reiki energy. The same goes for plants.

9) Is Reiki a religion?

No, Reiki is not a religion. It is a very beneficial alternative healing modality. Anyone can be taught Reiki from any background, you just need to have a passion to help yourself and other people. Buddhist, Nuns, teachers, nurses, veterinarians, lay people...anyone! My 7 year old is even a practitioner because she wanted to learn and help others.

10) Is Reiki done in hospitals?

It is my great pleasure to say, yes! You will find Reiki more and more in hospitals especially in the more populated areas. Cancer treatment hospitals have been utilizing Reiki after chemotherapy and radiation treatments for quite some time now. Because Reiki is becoming more excepted in hospitals, even the smaller hospitals are offering it. If you want Reiki while you are at the hospital, just ask. I'm sure they will have a practitioner for you.